'TRACES' BENCH photoshoot for 52factory design studio

Decorator: Anna Koroleva

The bench made of solid oak and recycled plastic is the result of a design study of human traces:
traces of furniture use (areas highlighted by inlay marks place where there are more scuffs and cracks, where the load is greater and the beauty of time are more clearly visible), cultural traces (reflected in the avant-garde shape and color combination of the elements) and traces of human activity, waste that especially strongly affect the ecosystem (embodied in the use of recycled plastic 2 HDPE).

The starting point for the inspiration and the key object of the research are imperfections and traces of using furniture with seats. We noticed the most vulnerable areas of the antique seats in museum, vintage stores and archives, explores the poetry of vintage chairs and benches. The eye in love with the avant-garde highlighted in the cracks on the furniture surfaces the forms, which echo the drawings of Chashnik, Suetin and Malevich.

The transformable design, magnetic fasteners, additional areas for screwing the legs and holes for placing on the wall allow you to quickly assemble and use the product in four main transformation options:

full-size bench,
stool and small bench,
small bench with 8 legs and small decorative wall panel,
stool with 8 legs and large decorative wall panel.

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