Architect: Inga Kharisova
Photo: Anton Ivanov
Location: St. Petersburg 
Project Area: 66 sq m
Project Year: 2019

The Salyut cafe is located in the Petrogradskiy district on a quiet Mira street. The concept of the coffee shop is to combine past and present, history and contemporary design

We got a space in which all the walls were load-bearing, so the initial layout set the position of the hall, kitchen and bathroom. The first thing to decide was the orientation and type of bar counter. We decided to make her contact and placed in the center of the hall to create convenient communication with guests. Visitors were seated around the counter, and tables and seating were made as diverse as possible, so that, if necessary, they could find a place where they could be alone, or place for large companies, or for coworking

The budget was limited and therefore the main structural elements are made in minimalistic forms from available materials. The rack frame is assembled from steel profiles and lined with plywood sheets. The screen of the bar counter is made of bent metal sheet, like the canvas on the apron at the kitchen tables

We went around a lot of antique shops before choosing lamps, mirrors and frames that would serve as a contrast to the graphic forms of the central rack and wall paintings. Customers wanted to use a bright palette, so we chose burgundy and aquamarine as accent colors, but to relieve the space, I left most of the walls in neutral light gray tones​​​​​​​

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